What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a smartphone gaming app from Pokémon Company. The new Pokémon Game follows from the Pokémon series. In the series, gamers capture creatures called Pokémon and use them to battle each other. The game uses your smartphone camera and GPS signal. You are able to walk in real life locations called PokeStops on the phones map to get Pokémon and collect items.

The Pokémon are used to take over real world objectives. In the game, the Pokémon seem to be crawling up the streets of the real world. You are greeted with an environment of grass which signals the presence of Pokémon. These are triggered as you come closer. The battle is initiated by tapping on them. The game brings many people together which brings the intangible Pokémon to life.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Features

The game is designed to be teamed up with Google Maps for walking around in real time while playing the game. The game has three different factions that the player can join. This is used to control major points around the world. Pokémon is a free-play game. However, you can purchase some items if you don’t want to collect them in the game. The smart design makes the game socially interesting.

A brief tutorial is provided at the beginning of the game. Everyone with a smartphone has the ability to master the master the little monsters. The games` hype comes from the incorporation of the 90s nostalgia and the paper thin RPG design. However, the game is also associated with some problems like crashing, slow response with poor cell signal and battery straining. Different colors are provided to distinguish the type of pc hack voor Pokemon Go based capturing capabilities. As a trainer, you have a level where all points are tied for every Pokémon captured.

Pokémon Go Gameplay

Pokémon Go approach feels like role-playing game. The game involves walking around while capturing Pokémon in the vicinity. The mechanics of Pokémon Go consist of tapping on the screen and then flicking a ball at them to capture them. You can train, battle or evolve your Pokémon to increase their power. Google maps enable you to see your avatar while walking around the world.

You can also see the PokeStops where digital items such as poke balls, potions and eggs are found. You can search for gyms to train your Pokémon. This also enables you to engage in automated battles for controlling the important landmarks. You can overtake many stronger enemies at the gyms if you pick Pokémon of the right type. Controlling major points using factions allows the yellow team to control a specific point while the red gathers some friends while challenging them.

Pokémon Go is a game filled with fun. It can be addictive, especially if you are interested in the game. The game is expected to become more popular since the company is releasing patches and tweaks to improve the gameplay. This role playing game series has grown astoundingly popular. The game is free and is compatible with almost all smartphones. The fun of the game comes from going outside to explore. The game allows fans of the Pokémon series to go outside and turn their neighborhoods into shared Pokémon parks.